NFL still does not get Las Vegas


NFL still does not get Las Vegas

NFL still does not get Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS Sometimes the bumbling bozos accountable for the NFL just can help themselves.

Or maybe they been so afraid of Las Vegas for so long that they easily start hyperventilating every time a player buys a plane ticket to this gambling town.

Blame it on their outdated and misguided beliefs about gambling and casinos these all have long been dismissed by other sports leagues. Blame it on their sheer paranoia that somehow their golden goose will go away if players affect walk by a blackjack table.

However, Very, Doesn the league realize its owners just voted 31 1 to allow the gambling to move here?

Reportedly not, Judging from the reaction of league officials to a trip some players took to Sin City over the past weekend. Specific crime? Doing the Pro Football Arm Wrestling Championship at the MGM Grand hotel casino.

Are thinking about it, And we became aware of it as it was started, NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy said. Historical policy prohibits any NFL personnel from promotional appearances at a casino. The owners should have thought about doing away with that policy likewise they met to approve Las Vegas as the new home of the Raiders. It wasn the actual other agenda, Despite the fact that, Probably because it didn come with a $750 million gift attached that the new Las Vegas stadium did.

People here have long been used to the NFL being hypocritical if engaging in gambling. But they are able to have thought the issue was settled when owners agreed to accept $750 million and Commissioner Roger Goodell said there were no plans to ask casinos to take the Raiders off the betting board when they come to town.

Yet here the little group is, Still fretting about players spotlighting casinos as if their presence at the MGM Grand somehow undermines the integrity of the NFL.

It the same head in the sand mentality shared by the NCAA that ignores view of the times. Around the NCAA case, It definitely needs a prohibition on Las Vegas hosting NCAA events, Which may prevent the city from being considered when the Board of Governors meets later this month to hand out championship sites.

Although the city bid for a regional or Final Four, But also the men ice hockey and wrestling titles it was hoping to land.

That despite Las Vegas being host to four conference basketball tournaments this year since Pac 12 tourney that sold out the new arena on the Vegas Strip. Prior to being moved this year from the MGM Grand, College players never had to leave the accommodation casino to play.

Insurance carrier for Las Vegas, Other baseball and leagues do get it. They gladly come to a town where fans will it’s good to know follow.

The ice was broken when the NHL decided Las Vegas would make a fine town for one of its companies, Now the Vegas Golden knights in battle. Then Mark Davis decided the city is definitely the perfect home for the Raiders, Every owner but one agreed.

Why is this so? Why must there be a stigma about a town based on beliefs from 50 years ago?

The NBA doesn think may possibly. The league held an All Star Game here and has a wildly sensational summer league. Commissioner Adam Silver has called for legalized sports betting around the world, And there is a push behind the curtain to bring an NBA team to town.

NASCAR has not one but two Cup Series races reserved in Las Vegas next year. The best rodeo cowboys on the internet compete in their World Series every December, While the PGA has held tourneys here since the mobsters ran the town in the 1950s.

The biggest fights happen to be on the Las Vegas Strip, And the new T Mobile arena is now the state home of the UFC. At a time when sports and leisure bisect, Las Vegas has been the perfect host for everything from the World Rugby Sevens Seriesto the wsop.

None of them has any worries about the trustworthiness of Las Vegas. None believes ties between casino motivators and teams are a problem.

None worries about their players spending nights in Strip hotels or walking through casinos like the other 42 million individuals who visit Las Vegas every year.

A NFL does is laughable. But the real joke is on the league as it tries fitfully to advance in a world where the old rules no longer apply.

Times have developed. Casinos aren the threats the NFL always built them into out to be, And to argue also would be nonsense.

The good news is, The Raiders won be in charge of three more years. It needs time to work to build a new palace for the team, Even with citizens footing half the tab.

That leaves sufficient time for an attitude adjustment in league headquarters.

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