Kielce Expo City

The Warsaw-Krakow trunk-road – one of Poland’s main arteries. Kielce is just one step away – just drive off the ring road to experience Kielce’s hospitality. Kielce, the city with almost 200 thousand inhabitants offers ideas galore – this is where your precious time will not be wasted.

Feel invited, come round to Kielce and share the experience!

Targi Kielce is a good place to start with – Targi Kielce is ranked second among all among Central and Eastern Europe’s expo centres. Targi Kielce is the place which holds the sway; this is where passion blends with business. The Kielce Technology Park and Energy Science Centre is just round the corner – it allures with attractions. Then it is time to move closer to the heart of the city. The city centre abounds with free-time options – the Kielce Culture Centre, the Castle Hill, museums, theatres, art galleries, culture promotion centres.

Kielce – this is a perfect choice! A friendly and open city for those who have original ideas and look for a place to give life to their concepts. Kielce abounds with initiatives – everyone will find something to their taste. This is what we really are! The crown composed of different figures signifies one common idea –

Kielce is the City of Expos – KIELCE ExpoCity.

Hundreds of exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, performances, vernisages every year; the city hosts more than one million participants from the region and all corners of Poland. Targi Kielce and other companies make Kielce stand out among other regions of Poland. Not only are there more and more exhibitions and events, their market importance is always increasing. Leading institutions responsible for the city’s culture and business have joined forces to enhance the city’s image. Synergy – a good motto for Kielce.

Kielce Expo City – a chance to boost the city’s development

The Świętokrzyskie Region often lags behind in national rankings of attractiveness; yet modern business services sector still finds Eastern Poland the undiscovered. A greater number of visitors who take part in the events means mire business for local hotels, restaurants, pubs, clubs and shops; this is a good investment into the city’s development.